Research Work

Some of the more involving (unpublished) research work carried out and some write-ups. If you have any questions pertaining to below mentioned papers, please get in touch.

Comparing Architectures of Mobile Web Browser With Desktop Web Browser of Firefox

Abstract - Most studies show architecture focused only on one platform which never explains migration to other platform. In our study we aim to compare architecture of two different platforms to understand how to manage a software on two different platforms. For this we have chosen Firefox. It is a huge open source system and it works on both mobile and desktop platform. We aim to summarize our investigation on their architectural and functional differences to understand viability of migrating functionality from desktop to mobile and challenges involved in such a migration.

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Application of Natural Language Processing to Stack Overflow for Automatic Expert Recommendation

Abstract - An automated expert recommendation mechanism can help a community of developers to solve new problems more efficiently and timely. Our research involves recommending an expert for a question asked on Stack Overflow. We propose the application of Natural Language Processing tools, techniques and Stack Exchange API to develop a process for recommending a user for answering a question. Our study explores the importance of extraction of relevant keywords from questions and detailed analysis of metrics of a user in Stack Overflow for a precise evaluation of expert opinion for that question. The primary goal of our research is to provide a better option by using natural language processing which works with keywords, which can advance the process of analyzing questions, and can ultimately recommend an expert user most suitable to answer a question.

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Who Is My Customer? Developers Hate Status Reports, Manager’s Love Them

Abstract - Our analysis focuses on submission of status report and its love & hate relationship with managers, developers. From a developer's viewpoint, status report are burdensome and timeconsuming. They think status reports acts as a distraction. Managers on the other hand deem status report as an invaluable artifact for themselves as well as stakeholders. Follow up of the project is possible thereby ensuring that everything is carried out as planned to meet customer’s requirements. The report is required to convey the status of project to stakeholders, prime reason why the project is in existence. Efforts have also been made to recognize enlist and discuss all the factors required to draft a status report and to keep it understandable for all the stakeholders.

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Implementation of MVC Architecture to an Android Application

Abstract - Our main purpose of using MVC is to allow decouple pattern to manipulate data in terms of display (UI) or storage (shared preferences and database). Also it separates view component from each other, interaction limits only with a Model (also contains controller, discussed later) containing the logic of our program. In a way we can say that in our project Model is content provider and View act as an activity.

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Write Ups

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  2. Green ABM