URL Ripper

URL Ripper, an android app, scans the urls accessed outside the web browser for harmful websites thus potentially saving you from visiting malacious websites.

To keep you safe from malicious and harmful websites, the app only shows the url and does not load the website itself.

Wordpress Plugin

Dash Notice, provides a hosted notice board for Wordpress backend.
Address Bar Colorizer, provides an easy way for defining color of address bar for Google Chrome.


Zymky, an android app, is an endeavor to provide a clean and efficient way of managing money matters.

It aims to get rid from unnecessary UI clutter, all those annoying advertisements and complicated charts.

Managed Websites

TechVorm, an online news portal.
Yopers, front-end and API's for the web service provider.
SSK Khalsa School, a government school.

Research Work

(Un-published) research material and some write-ups.


Cloudflare DNS editor, a Node.js app, supports regular interval checks (for DNS record) and email notifications (via mailgun).

Random Hackery

Some of the side projects I have been working (or had worked) on.


Rivisto, an android app, is a note taking application (with a basic set of features).

It came into existence with the core purpose of getting back the control of data by allowing integration of your own Firebase database.