Kodi has been creeping slowly in my living room for quite some time now and although there's an array of supporting applications but I've always felt the need for a native linux application. You might argue that opening the web browser and navigating to http://INTERNAL-IP-ADDR:9000/ gives a full blown remote control but here's the thing, I am not really interested in keeping a web browser loaded up just so that I can push a handful of commands to Kodi.

And thus, I decided to write a python application, Kodi Linux Remote, with a rather simple GUI for controlling Kodi. Additionally, since I am used to controlling with physical keyboard, a similar functionality is present in the application as well! In its current iteration, the app is pretty barebones in terms of functionality and design. The idea was to have a light weight remote control app sans the need for web browser instead of a feature rich, one solution fits all.

Kodi Linux Remote GUI

As of now, the application supports following controls. All these can be controlled using keyboard as well,

  • Increase (Minus) and Decrease (Plus) volume
  • Navigation (Up, Down, Left, and Right) (Arrow up, down, left, right respectively)
  • Media selection (Enter)
  • Play/Pause (Spacebar)

Getting started with the application is quite easy provided following requirements are met,

  1. Python 3
  2. requests package

It has been tested only on Fedora 25 and 26. However, as long as the linux distribution you're planning to run it on satisfies above mentioned requirements and GTK+ is available, app should run just fine. In case if it doesn't and/or you come across an issue or there's a feature requrest, please feel free to create an issue here.

Kodi Linux Remote is open source and code is available on Github.