Whether for tracking bug fixes, new features or project progress, if you're someone like me who likes to follow interesting projects on Github then you must have thought about monitoring certain repositories for one reason or other. Now, I was, in particular looking to monitor new releases especially for Home Assistant and couldn't find a straight-forward way of doing so.

However, poking around DuckDuckGo results, I came to know that GitHub provides several timeline resources in Atom format and one of them is repository releases. Sweet! That worked for me since I already use Feedly as rss aggregator on daily basis and having to see information about new releases in there, along with my usual daily dose is just the right solution for me!

Getting started with atom feed is quite simple and follows below mentioned format,


As an example, to monitor new releases of Home Assistant's core, the feed url will be,


Nice and easy. Once added to Feedly or any other rss aggregator of your choice, you should start seeing past and new releases.

Similar to repository feed, there's other feeds that work as well eg. repository commits,

// Repository commits

// Repository tags

// User's activity

Tip - Group all the projects you want to monitor in a separate folder for quick overview and to prevent those updates from cluttering other feeds.